• Gypsum, Glass & Aluminum Partition works

    Gypsum, Glass & Aluminum Partition works

    Spacedge is strengthened by a group of professional employees who are experts in styling and finishing. We undertake all types of gypsum partition works such as gypsum board works, gypsum board ceiling works, gypsum false ceiling works, etc.  Our works alone speak on behalf of us as we work hard to meet the expectations of our customers whom we have never left unsatisfied. With the advent of gypsum boards, it has become very easy to separate the cabins or rooms. We increase the vacuum of your living room or workplace by applying effective planning and partitioning. We are highly skilled when it comes to the gypsum partition work, installation of gypsum boards and gypsum walls. We also provide glass partitions and other aluminum works as well in addition to gypsum partition and gypsum board ceiling works. In addition to gypsum working, we have expanded our wings into the fit-out services, glass partitions, more importantly gypsum partition work and other ceiling works. Constructions which were taken place in the recent past have opened a positive window for gypsum partition works. We have grown independently to the extent possible and have evolved ourselves as one of the best gypsum work contractors in Dubai.

  • Exhibition stands Design & Built

    Exhibition stands Design & Built

    Geobel L.L.C, the parental firm to Spacedge and adapt88 is the first name in custom exhibition stands. Excellent exhibition booth design and manufacturing capabilities, providing world class exhibition stands solutions for companies looking for a professional exhibition marketing approach. With high skilled designers and workforce, Spacedge teams up with Geobel as a single exhibition stand contractors, the first choice for many international acting companies like Emirates Airlines, Al Majid Motors and Arabian Automobiles when exhibiting in the U.K, U.A.E and other GCC countries. With expert exhibition stands solutions, we promise quality exhibition booth manufacturing for every industry, helping multinational companies and brands to stand out.

  • 3D Visualization. Modeling & CAD Draughting works

    3D Visualization. Modeling & CAD Draughting works

    Providing a full range of CAD services, including conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and Sketch-up, our goal is to ensure each client receives the highest possible level of quality and service, at a rate well below what they would pay for in-house or domestic services. We represent a range of expertise as we provide exceptional services no matter the complexity or size of your project. Each member of our team is continuously trained to use state of the art technology including up-to-date workstations and software, all protected by top tier security systems.

  • Landscape Design & Execution works

    Landscape Design & Execution works

    Along with the cuisine and service, the interior is one of the three basic pillars of any restaurant business. Original, interesting, and well-matching design attracts visitors, makes a positive first impression and boosts spirits. Besides, decoration is the first thing that draws attention of the guests, and for some of them the interior design of the restaurant is even more important than the served dishes themselves. That is why in the space planning it is so important to make a right choice and bring to life a unique concept and style.

  • Restaurants Interior Design & Fitout works

    Restaurants Interior Design & Fitout works

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  • Residential & Commercial Interior Design and Fitout Works on Turnkey Basis

    Residential & Commercial Interior Design and Fitout Works on Turnkey Basis

    Remodeling of non-residential premises is a procedure aimed at improving its performance property without changing the building functional type and the existing scheme of the MEP systems. It includes:

    • installation of new window and door openings, changing their shape, and fixing the existing ones;
    • expansion of premises by combining with adjacent rooms;
    • dismantling, moving and installation of internal partitions;
    • arrangement of attic storey aimed at increasing of the usable area;
    • creation and modification of entrances, lobbies, etc.